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Breastfeeding Outside the Box

Sep 13, 2017

I first learned about Malunggay (a.k.a. Moringa) as an herb to help with milk production when I was writing Breastfeeding Without Birthing.  When Diana West, IBCLC, author of Making More Milk and internationally known expert on milk production, was reviewing a draft of my book she suggested adding this really helpful herb.  I'm so glad she did!  Since then, I've worked with countless nursing parents who have successfully used this herb  -  whether they are inducing lactation, relactating, or needing to support milk production for other reasons.  During this interview, I chatted with Angela Veloso of Sugarpod Naturals, maker of Go-Lacta malunggay.  She has a rich knowledge and appreciation for this helpful herb, and after listening to her we think you will too!  

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