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Breastfeeding Outside the Box

May 9, 2018

It's a case study!  Something a little bit different in our discussion with Dr. Nice, our pharmacist expert.  Alyssa had connected with a mom-to-be Courtni who was inducing lactation with very quick and abundant milk production.  She wanted to figure out what Courtni was doing so that she could learn from Courtni's experience to help other parents.  (We at Sweet Pea are always trying to learn more about how to support the nursing success of non-birthing parents!)  ... but Alyssa could not find anything in Courtni's approach that was different than other parents she had worked with.  She did observe, however, that Courtni was taking several medications for her own health issues.  Alyssa wondered if these medications or the health conditions underlying them could be the secret to Courtni's outcomes.  She went to her friend, Dr. Nice for the answers...

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