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Breastfeeding Outside the Box

Jun 14, 2017

Because it is our mission at Breastfeeding Outside the Box to support non-traditional families - growing families who have historically not received the information and support they need and deserve - we are so pleased to introduce you to Queer Birth Project.  This is an amazing organization that provides local and online education and resources to both LGBTQ parents and the family building and early parenting professionals working with them. (That includes Lactation Professionals!)  And for families in the Minneapolis area, they hold a local community for new and growing LGBTQ families.  Queer Birth Project is run by Janine, a midwife, and Cheyenne, a doula:  two birthing professionals with a passion for backing growing LGTBQ families.  If you are a prospective or current LGBTQ parent, Queer Birth Project has much to offer you.  If you are a birth or lactation professional wanting to grow a LGTBQ+ practice, Janine and Cheyenne will direct you to your next steps. See more information on our show notes at: