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Breastfeeding Outside the Box

Oct 6, 2016

​It was a shock for Rosalie when it was determined postpartum that she had a condition called Insufficient Glandular Tissue, more commonly referred to as IGT.  IGT is a breast condition that makes it difficult - and in most cases impossible - for a nursing parent to produce enough milk to meet all her baby's feeding requirements. Rosalie understands firsthand how difficult this diagnosis can be.  She also understands that it doesn't mean the end of breastfeeding.  Today, as a lactation consultant working with nursing parents with IGT, Rosalie focuses on developing a plan for long-term breastfeeding success, which she believes (and we agree!) is very possible for parents with IGT.  In this week's podcast, Rosalie shares with us about IGT with the heart of someone who has been there and the wisdom of her professional experience.